To all the high schoolers going through hell

Stephanie Tayler Lobrot
August 7, 2016

WeExist Volunteer, Stephanie Tayler Lobrot, shares her daughter's, Sarah Lobrot, story with us:


"My daughter went through hell in high school as a closeted lesbian with anxiety and depression. She's a strong young woman now ready to help where she can."


To all the high schoolers going through hell only to be invalidated by being told, "Just wait until you hit the real world, this is nothing" - Your pain is valid. Your anger is valid. High school can be an awful time, and it IS something. And it doesn't just get better - it gets SO much better. It gets amazing. You won't even BELIEVE how much better it gets. The bills stink, if you have roommates it can stink, your boss and coworkers may annoy the hell out of you. Living with your parents can be hard. But that whole seemingly life-dominating popularity scene and exclusive cliques? It evaporates. The mundane "requirements" to be cool - your clothes, the people you sit with, yada yada... It evaporates as well. Just be a kind person who bathes regularly, and you'll have friends. People grow up. Some people stay assholes, but the majority of adults are pretty nice. If you're contemplating not being around much longer, I'm here for you. To validate and encourage and believe in you. It seems like it'll last forever and ever, but it won't. Within a year you'll mostly forget who you even went to school with, save the closest friends you made. You'll forget most of your teachers. You'll forget who was cool and who wasn't and stop caring so much about what people think. Long story short, stick around for the ride. I promise you won't regret it.

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